Don’t think of it as a folding bike…
think of it as a performance bike that folds

StoneWeave frame.
A light and durable mix of carbon and basalt

Siggi weighs
less than 10kg

Choose between
the manual
or electric version

Super compact
folding mechanism

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Siggi is packed with functional features enhancing both riding experience
and your everyday convenience

Meet Siggi

When designing Siggi, we strived to create the ideal urban bike – a bike that provides a responsive and comfortable ride while adapting to the demands of everyday urban life. Siggi has 20″ wheels and a folding system to minimize space and maximize the possibilities in your everyday life. Whether you want to take the bike on the train or car, store it inside your home or office, or even take it on a plane, this bike will fit seamlessly into your life.

20” wheels for quick acceleration in the city.

Responsive ride

The top tube functions as a handle

Easy carrying

The top tube functions as a handle

Easy carrying

Adjust the handlebars to your desired riding style and reach


Baggage carrier transforms into a convenient stand in the folded position.


The carbon lefty fork enables Siggi’s elegant fold


Bring Siggi on the train, bus, metro or in the trunk of your car.

Elegant fold

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We design Bicycles For Life

We’re called Coh&Co Copenhagen for a reason. All our designs are focused on functionality in the urban environment. We’ve designed high-quality urban bikes for 8 years already.

Siggi’s frame is made of StoneWeave, our proprietary frame material technology. It is a special blend of carbon and basalt rock. On top of being lightweight, super durable and stiff, it is recyclable at the end of its lifespan.

When buying Siggi, you’re investing in a high-quality riding experience you can enjoy for years and years. After a minimum of 10 years, we take Siggi back to either refurbish and resell it, or to recycle and repurpose the frame material.

Siggi is not just designed with functionality in mind. We know how much looks play into how we connect with our everyday objects, which is why Siggi displays a sleek and clean design.

Siggi joins a line-up of urban bicycles founded in a lifetime of experience in innovation

Coh&Co Copenhagen is a Danish bicycle company with a mission to bring new riding experiences, quality and a sustainable mindset to urban cycling. We believe that when you start a new brand, you must bring your own ideas and innovations to the table. You must ask yourself how you can do better and you must ask that question frequently. Our ideals are rooted in the thought that we need to raise the bar on how we experience riding, maintaining and owning our bicycles.

Coh&Co Copenhagen is founded by Paul Harder Cohen and Mette Walsted Kristiansen, both with backgrounds in product design and engineering bringing a wealth of design, technology, and craftsmanship to every Coh&Co product.

“The inspiration for Siggi came when we realized that there’s a lot of advantages to small wheels that we can also put into the urban environment without making all of the compromises that often come with it. It is born not out of a need to fold, it is born out of a need to ride."

Designer / Founder

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